Why you can depend on us...

What differentiate us?

There's one thing you can count on us for: commitment. We have been faithfully serving you since 1985.

In the "disposable" era and where integrity is very scarce, our clients know the value of our commitment to them.

We are still here for you for decades and with God's permission, we will serve you for decades to come...

Apa yang membedakan kami?

Ada satu hal yang dapat anda andalkan yaitu komitment. Kami telah setia melayani klien kami sejak tahun 1985.

Di era dimana semua serba sekali pakai dan integritas adalah hal yang langka, klien kami tau apa komitmen kami.

Dengan perkenanan Tuhan, kami akan terus setia melayani anda untuk puluhan tahun mendatang.

2008 Award Anugerah Produk Asli Indonesia
PRIMANIYARTA Export Award 2008 and Creative Economic Goods and Services Exporter 2008 were given to us for our performance during 2003 -2007
with 12.33% average annual export
and USD 59.1K average annual export value.